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A Visit to the Science Center

A Visit to the Science Center
Early Learning Center

Students in Ms. Jennifer Jennings class had the chance to visit the Science Center this week. 

All Early Learning Center classes have the opportunity to visit different centers once a week.

The Science Center has multiple items for the students to play with and many different activities they can participate in. 

A favorite is the beds of soil in which the students can dig in the dirt, plant and water seeds.

There are also science puzzles they can put together, matching games to play and books to enjoy.

The students also have the chance to wear goggles, place items in test tubes, and explore containers with toy bugs, reptiles and acorns. 

One station event has large tubes filled with different items such as feathers and marbles.

The students are encouraged to play with these items to get a sense of how heavy they are compared to one another.

The Science Center helps instill a love of curiosity and learning in the youngest D62 students! 

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